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i'm mary bubala. >> we have breaking news out of owings mills. there's been a shooting at the training facility. jessica kartalija is there. she has an update on this developing story. jessica, what happened? >> good afternoon, kai. good afternoon, to everyone. we're here outside of shock trauma awaiting a report by baltimore police. they are briefing now at shock trauma, trying to figure out what exactly happened. again, that press conference, expected to start momentarily. what we do know is a police sheriff was shot while at a training exercise. owings mills, off of rosewood. the trainee was medivacced to shock trauma. at this point, his or her condition is unknown. still not being released where exactly that trainee was shot. doing research, we found that last year, the police trainee
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program had come under fire after some said they were injured during training exercises. we'll be sure to investigate that as well. now, again, what we do know, a trainee, allegedly shot during a training exercise out at the rosewood center in owings mills. we know that they were medivacced here to shock trauma and are being worked on at this point. we'll bring you the latest details as soon as they become available to us. for now, back to you on tv hill. >> wjz, as jessica said, will continue to update you on this developing story throughout the newscast. >> pope benedict xvi will celebrate ash wednesday mass at the vatican tomorrow. it will be his last public appearance before the pontiff steps down at the end of the month. danielle nottingham reports for wjz have the vatican. >> reporter: the crowds in st. peter's square are speculating about who will replace pope benedict xvi. some feel the time has come for
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more diversity in the catholic church. >> i think it will be good to have a black pope. >> i'm from venezuela. and we hope to get a pope from another country. >> i don't think it matters where they are from, as long as they're open thelogically to opening many -- welcoming as many people into the church as possible. >> reporter: cardinal could be the first black pope. cardinal armelino. and scolia one of the strongest european candidates. pope benedict is stepping down because the 85-year-old said he no longer has the physical or mental strength to lead. >> reporter: the vatican just disclosed that pope benedict received a pacemaker before he became leader of the catholic church in 2005. and recently secretly had the battery replaced. >> reporter: there is no word yet when the conclave to elect a new pope will gather at the
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vatican. but church officials say they would like to have his replacement for easter at the end of march. the vatican says the holy father will have no role in picking his successor. >> benedict xvi will surely say absolutely nothing. >> reporter: after stepping down, pope benedict will spend his time praying and reflecting at a former monestary inside the vatican walls, once renovations are completed. at the vatican, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> and vatican officials say the next pope will probably decide pope benedict's new title. he could be called holy president. right now, we're enjoying the unusually sunny weather. the weather is about to make another wild turn as we've seen so far this winter. meteorologist bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from first warning
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weather. bern, i guess the word "wild" doesn't mean good for us. >> i guess it depends what you like. we're going to start out with today, though. it is beautiful outside. we are sitting at 54 degrees in baltimore. 40s in oakland. 50s across a lot of the state. but what's moving our way is just down to our southwest. and it's gaining moisture. and this whole system is going to track off to the northeast. now for us, it arrives tomorrow, mainly in the form of rain. and as far as snowfall amounts go, this is going to be a sloppy system. this is going to be very warm. but a coating to an inch around the city. the farther negotiate you go, 1 to maybe upwards of 2 or 3 inches. out in the mountains, that's where they're going to get solid snow to this. but could make for messy evening commute tomorrow. we'll have your forecast. wjz is always on. for weather watches and warnings and your updated first warning weather forecast, log
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onto chilling new details in a murder-suicide, involving three university of maryland college park students. wjz is live in college park. investigator mike hellgren has more on the shooter and the weapons police found. >> reporter: neighbors describe this as a nightmare scenario. the shooter has strong ties to baltimore. he was well-armed and it appears his victims had little warning. >> reporter: police say 23-year- old devon maurice, an accomplice, was suffering mental illness when he shot two of his roommates, killing one of them, before shooting and killing himself with a 9- millimeter handgun purchased in baltimore county. it happened at their home in college park. >> i hear like about 6 or 7 shots. >> nothing like it. i've never heard nothing like this. >> they also discovered a bag of weapons to include a baseball bat, a machete, a
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fully-loaded, semi automatic handgun and ammunition. >> reporter: green was an undergraduate at morgan state university in baltimore before continuing his education in college park. he was, by many accounts, a student with a brilliant mind. authorities say he lit several fires at the home, waking his roommates, just before 1:00 a.m. then he pulled a gun from his waistband. >> you can see the remnants of another fire in the backyard, a melted plastic table and charcoal briquettes on the charred ground. it's all part of the crime scene here. >> reporter: police would not describe his mental illness, but said symptoms started a year ago. >> it's definitely a shock. definitely unsettling to be close to that home. >> reporter: they couldn't see whether the school received a warning about green but said the school ramped up services for whose those who need the help. >> this is, of course, an issue that has been dated nationwide. but for today, i would like to focus on our mourning and our thoughts for the victims and
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tomorrow may be the day to talk about broader issues of national public policy. >> reporter: police have identified the victim who died as 22-year-old steven reign. he is from silver spring. they have not identified the surviving victim at this point. but they do say that the injuries are not life- threatening. and coming up new at 5:00, we'll talk more about past police responses to the house. and we'll hear about a woman who narrowly escaped a bullet here. reporting live in college park, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, mike. thank you. and stay with wjz for complete coverage of the college park murder-suicide. for investigation updates, extra video, and to read the university statement in its entirety, go to we also have new information today on the identities of people shot and killed in the lobby of a delaware courthouse. denise is in the newsroom with more on the emotional custody battle that likely led to that shooting. denise? >> reporter: well, kai.
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delaware state police say 68- year-old thomas matuse witch of texas, shot any killed his son's former wife and her friend. his son, david, 39 and christine bel ford were involved in a bitter custody dispute. police say his father, thomas, opened fire at the new castle courthouse, killing bedford and her friend, 47-year-old laura mull ford. police say they're not sure if he took his own life or was shot by police. two police officers were hit with gunfire but were wearing armored vests at the time. david matusiwitch was arrested forever kidnapping the couple's three children in 2007 and fleeing with them to nicaragua. he is in state police custody on a federal probation technicality. >> all right, denise. thank you. the younger matusiwitch was recently released from prison and his ex-wife told a friend she was not worried about her safety. arrested and charged with
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having sex with a 15-year-old student. the harford county sheriff's office says the student told investigators he had section with 35-year-old amanda kay miller when she worked at north harford high school. the teen also says miller sometimes took him home from school and bought him cigarettes. miller is on leave, pending the outcome of the investigation. a family sifting through the ashes of their burned home, gets some help from friends and strangers. chris and amber ellis's home on providence road, caught fire this weekend. and neighbors immediately reached out to them, including former oriole pitcher and current minor league coach, scott macgregor. macgregor is offering them full use of his home. the entire ellis family, including their five children, made it out safely of their burning home. >> whatang act of generosity. how is the tuesday traffic shaping up? let's take a look. kristy breslin will be back with us at wjz traffic control in just a minute.
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so we'll take a look at that when she's back. in the meantime, we'll go to sky eye chopper 13. we have a situation now. captain jeff long is there. captain jeff? >> good afternoon, kai. you're looking at what remains of a tanker truck fire, here in the eastport section of annapolis. this tanker truck was apparently delivering some fuel on the back creek, when it became fully involved with the fire. the fire department put out the fire, but not before the vans you can see at the top of your screen were destroyed as well. now, all that remains here is the foam. but they're trying to contain that. but much of it is already spilled into the back creek. reporting live, from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff long, back to you. >> okay, captain jeff. thank you. let's go to kristy breslin who is now at wjz traffic control. seems like it's a confined area. i don't know if that's affecting traffic at all. but we certainly have an environmental situation going on with that cleanup.
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>> reporter: oh, definitely you do have an environmental situation. not really affecting traffic at this point. but we do have a lot of accidents. so very busy start, accidentwise. northbound accident, there at 1 nivment also, a crash at north charles, at west madison. in the annapolis area, we also have another problem. accident there, spa road at hilltop lane. in towson, a crash, bosley avenue. and in the harrisburg expressway, in the northbound direction, an accident there at york road, blocking the right- hand lanes. as far as your delays go, traveling the top side inner loop, slowing from charles to harford road. and on the west side inner loop, expect brake lights as well from 295 to liberty. let's take a live look. you can see a lot of heavy volume there, west of york road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online for your free consultation. back to you. kristy, thank you. president obama is getting ready for tonight's state of
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the union address. the economy will be the focus of his speech. but he'll touch on several other issues, including gun violence. tara mergener reports for wjz from capitol hill. >> reporter: president obama wasn't offering a preview of his state of the union address to reporters this afternoon. >> mr., how is the speech? >> we'll find identity tonight! >> reporter: white house aides say improving the economy and creating jobs will be front and center when the president speaks to congress and the country. >> as he outlays his plan tonight, everyone will see that if we work together, that we really will have a robust future, we can build that middle class. >> reporter: republicans want to hear president obama's plans for tackling the ballooning national debt. rising healthcare costs and the growth of government. >> a second term offers a second chance. and if the president wants to regain the credibility he's lost over the last four years, on each of these issues, he'll start tonight. >> reporter: it's up to florida senator marco rubio to deliver
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the official republican response. he'll be making the case, smaller government can help the middle class. the president will touch on other topics tonight, including north korea's latest news clear test. and 34,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan will bring home by this time nbc year. he'll also be talking about new gun laws. several gun violence victims will be guests at the state of the union. a teacher that survived the sandy hook shooting will be in the first lady's box. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband are joining the arizona delegation. on capitol hill, tara mergener, wjz eyewitness news. an anne arundel county teen will sit with the first lady and vice president biden during tonight's state of the union address. 16-year-old jack andraka, won an international science fair. remember this? by creating a sensor to depancreatic cancer early.
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he's an incredible kid. and you can watch this tonight. coverage begins at 9:00 tonight. wjz is following more breaking news. we will get back to you in just a moment. in the meantime, there was a tanker truck fire as we told you about. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight -- >> yeah. we have new details today in the deadly crash of a reality tv helicopter. tonight's state of the union address will bring good news for u.s. troops in afghanistan. joe paterno's wife speaks out for the first time. what she's saying about the sex abuse scandal at penn state. and outside now, it's mild and sunny. but the murk -- mercury is about to drop. and we could get snow. meteorologist bernadette woods is updating your first warning forecast.
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it's sunny and 54 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up.
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the day for ex-navy seal sniper chris kyle. this morning, thousands of people line the streets to pay respects to kyle, during a 200- mile funeral procession in midlothian, texas. kyle and his friend were both shot at a gun range earlier this month. eddie routh is the suspect. kyle and his friend were both helping routh deal with post traumatic stress disorder after serving in iraq. blaze broke out inside an old foundry. strong wind gusts helped fan the flames, quickly destroying the building, which destroyed hundreds of cars, rvs and boats. no one was injured. fire officials say it will be several days before fire marshals can go inside the structer forever on -- structure to figure identity what caused the fire to start. nice gains on wall street. [ wall street bell ringing ]
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the dow climbed back over the 14,000 mark. dow was up 47. and at its highest level until five years. over 14,000. the s&p is up 2. and also at a five-year high. the nasdaq was down 5 today. let's go to new york, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks inched higher, following mixed earnings reports. they will be watching closely tonight, when president barack president obama delivers his annual state of the union stretch. the u.s. government ran a budget surplus of $3 billion in january. it's the first monthly surplus since september 2012. the treasury department says the expiration of a temporary payroll tax cut helped fill the coffers. coca cola says profits rose 30% thanks thanks to sales
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overseas but the sales in u.s. disappointed investors. and good year tire profits fell after it cut its outlook for the year. and netflix is teaming up with dream works. it will be based on upcoming turb on o-- turbo, which is about a snail who gets super power speed after getting into an accident. it recently debuted the original series, house of cards. that's your money watch. for more, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. we are getting the first look at one of the best photos ever taken of nasa's rover curiosity on mars. it is a self-portrait. and it combines dozens with the hand lens. you can't see because of the position. the picture was taken to document the first rock- drilling activities by curiosity. >> what you can't tell is that
4:21 pm
curiosity is tum actually there. i'll show -- actually there. i'll show you guys when we come out. it was cool. doing this. >> exactly. like lots of people do with their iphones. ready? let's take a picture. >> here i am. >> you know what? it's never flattering. makes my behind look... >> curious itfeels the same way. >> you know it. a chilling confirmation today from north korea about its long threatened nuclear testing. victims showing both sides of the gun control argument. it is a beautiful day outside, with above-average temperatures. but a new storm system is on the way. don't miss our updated first warning weather forecast. >> wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click
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what a day outside. whoo.
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>> hey. >> going for a little ride. >> a little turbulence. buckle up. >> there really isn't much to make it turbulent. today, a beautiful afternoon, with the winds starting to calm down. nice temperatures, sunshine out there. do i enjoy it today because we do have the changes. and they're coming pretty quickly. today, though. let's focus on that. 54 degrees is where we topped out. way above the average of 44. started the out the day at 39 degrees. and we are still sitting at 54. and look at all of these 50s across the map. 58 in d.c. that's close to 60 degrees, for february. we did have that wind. that's not really the case today. you can see the winds are starting to die down. and they're going to move around to the east as the storm approaches. the air sitting upstream is not all that cold. that plays into this forecast here because we've got a storm system moving our way. very marginal temperatures. and that's why we're looking at a sloppy weather system coming through, as we move through the day tomorrow. and here it is. down to our southwest. already, some heavy rain
4:26 pm
reported around mardi gras right now. to the northwest of that, on the cold part of this storm, there has been accumulating snow in amarillo. also moving into oklahoma city. and that's what is going to move in our direction tomorrow. now, the clouds start to come in tonight. tomorrow, they start to take over. and this is going to start in the form of rain. but as we head through the late afternoon and evening hours, we'll see that transfer over to snow. and as far as snowfall amounts go, that northwest side, which is crucial -- usually, the case, which we could see accumulation. the thing is, this going to be a sloppy mess. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, getting close to 43 degrees. sun sets around 5:40, 5:50 that, we'll start to see accumulation on the grassy surfaces. around the city, coating to an inch. out west, that -- thoolg where woo other see l see this. for the late hours tomorrow, into early thursday morning. so here's that storm coming up from the south.
4:27 pm
it's the northwest edge. it's going to clip us with accumulating snow. that gets out of here, though, thursday afternoon. and sunshine returns. we're back up in the 40s. we'll be looking at this storm as we head toward the weekend, to bring the return of colder air and maybe another rain-snow mix. on the waters, with all of this going on. small craft advisories go back into effect. tonight, pretty quiet out there. beautiful evening. dropping down to 32 overnight. partly cloudy. and tomorrow, the cloud comes in. rain arrives. changing to snow late afternoon or evening. could be a messy commute tomorrow night. then the chance for accumulating snow is sort of a quick shot tomorrow night into the early morning hours of thursday. small accumulation possible out of this. >> mary and i decided we're going to just wait for the good weather. >> tomorrow night, just sleep through it. then thursday, it should be gone. >> r. mountains of snow, speaking of which, still block roads while frustrated people in new
4:28 pm
england try to cope. crippled carnival cruise ship now being towed to shore. and now we're hearing from more passengers about the disuz disgusting conditions on board. we have breaking news from los angeles, on the search for an excop on a killing spree.
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it's 4:30. 54 degrees, mostly sunny. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. >> here's what people are talking about. >> more breaking news out of southern california. police say former lapd officer turns fugitive. christopher dorner has been spotted and exchanged gunfire with officers in the mountain area of big bear. it is believed christopher dorner broke into a cabin and tied up a couple. one was able to get away and make a call. authorities responded to the location and gave chase when dorner fled in a stolen car. dorner is accused of going on a
4:32 pm
revenge killing spree. police say he plrd murdered three people, including a police officer. blis say he is upset about being fired from the lapd five years ago. wjz continues to monitor the story. we'll bring you any updates as soon as we get them. and we continue to follow a developing story out of owings mile mills, where a city police trainee has been shot during a training exercise. it happened at a firearms training center on the grounds of the former rosewood center. the trainee was medivacced to shock trauma, where he is currently receiving treatment. ex tent of his injuries, still unknown. we will continue to update this story. we'll bring you the latest at 5:00 and 6:00. the latest hearing on gun control gets under way on capitol hill. kai has the latest on arguments heard today between democrats and republicans. >> reporter: members of both political parties clashed during the senate judiciary hearing. the top democrat, dickure durbin, addressed lawmakers. he suggested requiring a
4:33 pm
background check for all gun purchases. the panel's top republican, senator ted cruz of texas disagrees, saying curbing the rights of citizens would do nothing to stop violent crime. president obama has been calling for increased gun safety measures since the deadly shooting in newtown, connecticut, which happened in december. denise? the president is expected to push for his gun control plans in his state of the union address tonight. we're moving mountains and mountains of snow. it's a problem that is persisting today in several states. christina hager has more hohow towns in massachusetts are getting help getting rid of the snow blizzard dumped. >> where do you put it? the homeowner next to this sidewalk can't be thrilled with the stream of white spewing into the front yard. but what you can you do? >> what do you do with all of this snow. >> you try to find a snow. you need to bring it down the street and dump it.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: they're filling buckets with it. those buckets filling dump trucks. those dump trucks, filling a huge lot, cleared out for the sole purpose of filling it back again. burlington, it has middlesex. >> we get it done pretty quick. >> if it looks like they're throwing snow onto people's property, well, the residents were the ones who were supposed to do this digging in the first place. >> i'd rather have them in the station or preparing or saving lives, quite honestly. >> reporter: back in maduck, the town did invest in a new snow melter this year. but get this. they can't even use it now. too much snow here. >> this amount of snow it's a long process. we'll have to haul it out for this storm. >> and that was christina hager
4:35 pm
reporting. back here, snow isn't a concern for us. as you can see, courtesy of sky eye chopper 13. we have been enjoying a day full of clear skies and sunshine. but will the conditions last? >> take a look at these temperatures. what a beautiful afternoon. we're at 54 degrees. 58 in washington. the ground is 1. the streets are warm. but there is something headed our way. take a look at radar. a batch of moisture headed to the south. by the time it reaches us, temperatures are going to be, let's call it marginal. but by tomorrow evening, temperatures will be back in the 30s. and it could get down to the freezing mark. that's why we have, in fact, a pretty good shot we'll see some snow tomorrow night. a lot of it is going to melt. maybe a coating to an inch. nothing really expected south of washington. north of the city mainly on the grass or trees. one to maybe two. some spots may pick up three
4:36 pm
inches. once again, a lot of it is going to melt. we'll have rain in the afternoon. it will continue for sometime in the evening before it gets cold enough for the snow to build into the region. it will be all gone. so we're looking for sunshine to return thursday. >> wjz is always on. for weather watches and warnings and your updated first warning weather forecast, log onto at any time. the widow of joe paterno speaks about the allegations made about her late husband. in a televised interview, sue paterno said she felt -- and i quote, physically ill, when she found out penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky had molested boys. she also insists her late husband was never involved in any university cover-up. sandusky is serving a 30-year prison term for the sexual abuse of 10 boys over 15 years. a stradgedded cruise ship is finally on the move. two tugboats are slowly towing it to alabama. with no power or working
4:37 pm
toilets, brad woodard reports how passengers are dealing with deplor deplorable conditions. >> it is touted as the ultimate in relaxation. >> lord help me if i ever got to relax that much. [ laughter ] >> they are among the passengers and crewmembers. >> they're having to use the showers to urinate. and they're having to use trash cans to defecate. and so, they'd stand in line two hours for a sandwich. and air conditioning doesn't work. >> reporter: carnival says fire broke out in an engine room, 150 miles off the yucatan peninsula over the weekend. no one was injured. but the ship is dead in the water. >> got a phone call from her after two texts. basically, her tone was, hey, we had a fire on the ship. basically don't have any power. we have food and drinks, don't have water. we're all just kind of stuck here.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: ann barlow of sealy set out thursday for what was supposed to be a girls getaway. >> you have 14,000 people stuck off the coast of mexico. and it's scary. >> reporter: both barlow and stout are expressing. >> customer service is absolutely deplorable. >> reporter: carnival says some power has been restored to the ship, adding that some toilets are working as well. >> handling it better than i would. i would probably jump off now and swim. >> the first words, we are going to refund your money and give you a certificate for a free cruise. >> reporter: in addition to receiving a full refund and another cruise, carnival says passengers will also get free flights home. and now for a check on the roads, where we have hopefully not those kinds of problems upon let's check in with kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, everyone. no, not those types of
4:39 pm
problems. but we're definitely looking at delays. top side inner loop, it slows down from reisterstown road to bel air road. west side inner loop, expect at least 25 minutes from 95 to liberty road. a couple of issues along northbound 95. a disabled vehicle there, at hanover street, definitely tying things up. then we have the accident at 195. that's resulting in delays back to 100. other accidents include bosley avenue at kennel worth drive. northbound harrisburg expressway at middletown road. 40 west at engle side avenue. then, of course, the situation that sky eye chopper 13 reported just moments ago. edgewood road at chesapeake harbor. we have that hazmat situation. that's definitely an area you'll want to avoid for sometime. let's take a live look. as you can see, a lot of volume on the inner and outer loop around security boulevard. this traffic report is brought to you by ski liberty. skiing, tubing and snowboarding at ski liberty, where every day is a fun winter day. back to you. >> okay, kristy, thank you. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news. we're updating breaking news
4:40 pm
where in southern california, police have exchanged gunfire with an ex-cop on a killing spree. clear skies and sunshine today. but rain and snow tomorrow. don't miss your updated first warning forecast. blan
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we want to update the breaking news we've been telling you about. that high-speed chase is taking place in southern california, where a former police officer from los angeles went on a killing spree. he was spotted in the mountains. an associate says they were exchanging gunfire with christopher dorner. a couple called to say he had broken into their cabin. officers responded and dorner fled in a stolen car, he is accused of killing three people, including a police officer. wjz continues to monitor the situation. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. the united nations security council is strongly condemning north korea's test.
4:44 pm
and pledging further action against the rogue nation. ines ferre has details from the u.n. >> reporter: the u.n. security council, including north korea ally china, condemned the testing of a bomb. the emergency meeting in new york was held hours after north korea detonated a bomb. it caused a jolt, equivalent to a 4.5 magnitude earthquake. north korea is the won't only one that has tested. they are now planning to test another bomb. >> north korea and not and will not benefit from violating international law. >> reporter: u.s. ambassador to the u.n., susan rice, called this a threat to the international security. >> the u.n. security counsel must and will deliver a swift and credible strong response by way of a security council resolution. >> reporter: north korea is already one of the most heavily-
4:45 pm
sanctioned country in the world. but additional sanctions could target financial institutions both inside and outside north korea. >> reporter: south koreans staged angry protest against the north, calling on international troops to destroy north korea's nuclear facilities. protests were also held in japan. north korea warned the u.s. not to interfere in the region and said it would take stronger steps against the u.s. if necessary. at the united nations, ines ferre, wjz eyewitness news. >> and starting wednesday, the president will take his message on the road, with the campaign- style swing to three states. and the state of the union address will appear to bring good news for troops overseas. the president is expected to say that by next year, 34,000 troops in afghanistan will have returned home. well, living out your life in prison. that is the fate of a caregiver at the center of a missing
4:46 pm
foster child case. mary has the latest from the newsroom. mary? >> denise, gerilline graham will spend the next 55 years in prison for kidnapping and child abuse convictions. it's closed as a case that spanned more than a decade, triggering changes to florida's child wemp wilson. 4-year-old relia wilson went missing and no one noticed until 15 months later. it is believed she was punished by being confined to a dog cage in a small laundry room. she was also tied to the bed, using restraints. the department of children and family case worker neglected to check on the girl in person as required. back to you, denise. >> thank you, mary. relia's body has never been found. she vanished in december of 2000. doctors are telling expectant mothers to take folic acid to help prevent certain types of birth defects. but it may also have other
4:47 pm
another benefit. lowering a baby's chances of developing autism. alison harmelin reports for wjz. >> reporter: denishia smith is 11 weeks pregnant with her second child. >> i feel great. a lot of energy. it's just been a wonderful experience. >> reporter: she takes a prenatal multivitamin, with folic acid. a new study looked at 85,000 children in norway. researchers found mothers who took folic acid supplements before they conceived and during the first two months of their pregnancy, lowered their child's chances of autism 30%. >> will lead to new ways to prevent ought iistic disorders. >> reporter: it is already known to reduce the risk of spine -- brain and spine birth defects. >> is not costly. approximate is part of the standard of care, ridiculous. so we would televisionally recommend it. >> reporter: doctors recommend that pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant, take
4:48 pm
400 grams of folic acid a day. that's the typical amount in folic acid. >> we put a lot of focus on healthiness, being healthy, taking the right vitamins, eating well. >> reporter: she's also trying to cut -- get more sleep and cut down on stress to make sure she has a healthy baby. in new york, alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> the study did not find a link between folic acid and asberger's syndrome. studies were done on children 3 to 10 years old. so more children could be diagnosed with asberger's as they get older. a surprise designation, as pontiff lightning strikes the vatican. the top of st. peter's basilica, being struck by lightning. pope benedict sent shock waves through the church, when he announced he would be stepping down. he's the first pope to do so in
4:49 pm
600 years. just in time for valentine's day. the return of a statue that recreates one of the most famous kisses of all time. it replicates the iconic world war ii era photo of the kissing sailor in times square. grabbed the nurse and gave her a smack. after being moved around and debated, the statue is being given a permanent home on the san diego waterfront. a formal dedication ceremony will take place saturday. >> actually, kind of disturbing to see it floating around in the air. [ laughter ] >> that's her heart aflutter. >> yeah. when you kiss, you float in the air. >> that's right. >> maybe, maybe not. it's sunny and mild today. but this time tomorrow, we could see? snow. >> bob turk has the updated first warning forecast coming
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
here's a live look outside now. beautiful day. bob gives it a thumbs up. i give it a thumbs up. >> two thumbs up. >> okay. i'll add my thumb. >> 10 degrees above average
4:53 pm
right now. we're at 54 degrees. normal high at 44. normal low in the 20s. 54 now dew point is below freezing. that means above us, in the clouds, there is colder, dryer air. humidity, way down. 35%. northwinds at 7. pretty unusual to have the north wind and 54 degrees. now, later tonight, into tomorrow, it will get somewhat colder. across the region, it is colder in oakland. 39. 52, 50. 58 in d.c. they got to 59 degrees today. and over in ocean city. way above normal. beautiful afternoon. light north wind tomorrow. it am make a turn. start in the north and northeast. and go back to the northwest. once they go back to the northwest, it will drag in colder air. and we have a batch of rain down to the south, which will move in our direction. we'll see some rain in the
4:54 pm
afternoon. but late in the evening, maybe by dinnertime, maybe some snowflakes as the storm moves off the coast. it will drag down some of that colder air that is up to our north. not super cold. but it's moisture. moisture in the texas panhandle. mostly in the form of rain. but this low pressure is going to head for the virginia coastand quickly out to sea. it's another deep storm. it's going to move out to sea -- sea. and probably just brush us with rain during the afternoon. and let's say by dinnertime, the storm offshore. the winds go back around it to the north. that drags in the colder air. so there's the little low pressure. and it's all gone by midnight. sunshine returns on thursday. looks like really not a terrible end to the week. it will be cooler and certainly breezy once that storm leaves. east winds on the bay. becoming north to northwest. once the storm gets just past us, it will kick in some moisture. boy, that colder air, that's when we expect to see the snow. and in the city, maybe a dusting to an inch is possible.
4:55 pm
north of the city, particularly around the pa border. maybe one, two, a few spots could pick up a few inches ever wet snow on the lawns. there will be a small craft advisero the bay tomorrow afternoon. tonight, let's look for, let's call it partly cloudy down along the freezing mark. clouds build. rain and a little snow by evening. 41 for the high. down to 32. once it gets down to 32 degrees, it will start accumulating. mainly on the trees and the lawns. but you other than, in some of the suburban areas, where the roads may be cool enough. there the be some slush later tomorrow night. something we'll have to watch. just kind of a nuisance event. later tomorrow night, north of the city, could be a couple of inches of snow. >> things are budding already. i was out in the yard today. >> seriously? >> yes. i've got little hyacinths coming up. >> it's a little early. >> i know. you tell them. >> they're ready to go. still to come tonight on eyewitness news. a tragic and deadly shooting just steps from the university of maryland, college
4:56 pm
park. i'm mike hellgren, with new information on the motive and
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
coming up next on wjz eyewitness news. college murder-suicide. i'm adam may, with information about where the college park shooter got the gun, and reaction from his stunned neighbors, here in baltimore county. that's coming up. breaking news. a city police recruit shot during a training exercise. and more breaking news. california shootout. the man accused in in -- -- an ex-cop wanted for a gun battle.
4:59 pm
desire i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. there's what what people are talking about. wjz following several developing stories right now. the first is a shooting at a police training facility. jessica kartalija has more on this still-developing story. >> reporter: mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is now inside shock trauma, meeting with department officials, trying to determine exactly what happened. we do know that a trainee was shot at the owings mills' rosewood facility. at this point, it is club leer where they were shot, whether it was a male or female. and still not releasing the name. we just received an e-mail, sent to all city police officers that says, quote, our thoughts and prayers are with the family

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